Peak Performance Workshops Help You Increase Sales

peak performance mindset

Our Peak Sales Performance Workshops are designed to help increase sales by giving you a practical approach to sales skills and sales techniques using neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Benefits of a Peak Performance Mindset

  • Create a culture of peak performance through the enhanced attitudes and behaviors of sales managers and sales teams.
  • Increase the capacity of sales managers to excel in performing high-impact leadership and management behavior.
  • Strengthen the commitment to peak performance, including commitments to exceed quota, increase confidence and the behavioral strengths needed to excel in challenging work situations.
  • Create the ability to identify and overcome internal roadblocks and the ability to handle tough situations at work.
  • Expand self-awareness, positivity, mindfulness, no-limit thinking and perseverance.

Workshop Outline

  • Part 1: The Foundation of the Peak Performance Mindset
  • Part 2: The Role of the “Inner CEO” and the 10 Peak Performance Mindset Behaviors
  • Part 3: Self-Management Tools for Peak Performance
  • Part 4: Practice Session
  • Part 5: Mastering the 3 Growth Strategies for Peak Performance
  • Part 6: Starting┬áthe 12-Week Peak Performance Mindset Plan

Additional Benefits

  • Workbook
  • 12 Week Peak Sales Performance Journal to assist in developing the concepts
  • Access to a Mindset Video Library

Workshop Dates & Locations

See our workshop calendar for dates, locations and registration information.