Improve Sales Performance Testimonials

improve sales performance

Peak Sales Performance Mindset Workshop Testimonials on Sales Performance Improvement

Our workshop attendees speak about how they improve sales performance:

“I nearly doubled the team sales record. Shifting my mindset, not settling for hitting or slightly beating quota, and instead striving to double what anyone else that’s part of this team has ever done in a month had a great impact on my results!”
— Jim Sexton, Senior Account Manager

“By applying the visualization practices and developing a positive mindset and belief in my abilities, I got a hole-in-one on the very first hole. Not only did that experience forever change my confidence to my golf game, but I brought that empowered mindset to the workplace.”
— Christine Hanks, Account Manager

“The Peak Performance Mindset has completely transformed the way that ConnectAndSell Account executives sell. The team went from having 25 conversations a week per rep to more than double. We achieve the highest quarter in the history of the company. I’ve decided to apply the same formula and realized my dream of publishing my first book in record time – 90 days.”
— Chad Burmeister, VP Sales