What is the Peak Sales Performance Mindset?

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What is The Peak Sales Performance Mindset?

The Peak Sales Performance Mindset Workshop is designed to help you increase sales performance with proven sales techniques drawn from neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Science fact: Companies with a 5.6 :1 ration of positive to negative mindsets rank in the top 20%

Science fact: The impact of negative mindset and negative coping on American business is over $400 billion/year

What Can Peak Sales Performance Mindset Do?

Benefits include:

  • focus on high-impact behavior
  • achieve new sales records
  • get greater team collaboration
  • create a highly positive sales culture.

Take our 1-day workshop and strengthen your commitment to peak performance, including commitments to exceed quota, increase confidence and use the behavioral strengths needed to excel in challenging work situations.

Who We Are

Peak Sales Performance Mindset Training is a program provided by Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. (SMEI), a non-profit professional association founded in 1935 to support individuals with career readiness and career advancement.

All workshop trainers are certified by Selling Power, the organization that has put several years of research and practice into creating the program content.